Goodson Special 1 Day seminar

Featuring some new specialized Goodson cutters (THEGood stuff).

Come prepared to absorb and learn.

If you are looking for cylinder head tech that will take you into the next generation of completion and high performance heads this one day seminar has what you need. This is tech that only less than ten of the country’s top Pro-Stock and NASCAR cylinder head engineers know of so there is very little likelihood of you already knowing it. Here are some of the cutting edge tech you will learn:-

  • How to balance the need for flow with that for port velocity using DV’s new flow bench program.

  • You will receive a free copy (regular cost about $200) of DV’s new flow bench program and instruction on it’s use for GUARENTEED power gains.

  • How valve reliefs negatively impact your flow bench results and more importantly – how to fix it.

  • Why all Chevy/Ford heart shaped chambers are wrong – and the twenty minute fix.

  • New combustion chamber tech.... ‘late phase CHAMBER hyper-scavenging’.

  • Why, as a head porter, you should not let your customer run his cam spec but be in a position to spec a cam precisely for your heads on your customers long block.

  • Using the output from the new flow program you will learn how to spec a cam to suit your cylinder heads characteristics.

  • You will receive a free (regular cost $250) copy of DV’s new ‘Torque Master’ cam selection program and learn how to use it.

  • You will learn of some of the reasons power is lost at the valves and seats that you are unaware of and how to fix it.

  • New power making valve seat science you can use the day you get back to the shop ---

And the list goes on -----